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Military Friendly Colleges Help Veterans Achieve Their Educational Dreams

Military Friendly Colleges Help Veterans Achieve Their Educational Dreams

Military Friendly Colleges Help Veterans Achieve Their Educational Dreams

Many people are beginning to question the value of a college degree. Getting a college education has been a part of the American dream for a long time; however, these days a college education does not guarantee that a person will have a job. Nevertheless, the competitive job market dictates that candidates have at least some type of training and degree. Employers are looking for skilled and highly trained employees.

Recent statistics show that there are millions of jobs in the U.S. that are not filled. This seems unlikely when every day we hear about how bad unemployment is in the U.S., but technical and skilled jobs actually have a shortage of qualified applicants. There are jobs available in the U.S., but we must begin to focus our attention on the jobs of today. Many jobs have become obsolete. We have to change with the times and train for the jobs of today.

Men and women that serve in the U.S. military often get out of the service and have a hard time finding a good job. Some employers do not understand the correlation between military service and civilian jobs, so it is up to those in the military to get the right training to prepare for life after the military. One way to do this while on active duty is finding a college or university that offers online degree programs. An online degree for military personnel is an efficient way to pursue a college degree while serving our country. Military friendly colleges understand the needs of our men and women in the service. These higher learning institutions make it their business to design degree programs that accommodate the needs of military students.

One benefit of serving in the Armed Forces is the benefit. Soldiers and veteran soldiers have the ability to get a good education without going into debt. The benefit will pay for a number of different training options. For example, the benefit will pay for vocational training, apprenticeship training, flight school, correspondence classes, and other non-degree training classes. An online degree for military personnel is definitely covered under the GI Bill and other military scholarship programs.

The original Montgomery offers benefits to cover the above educational options; however, the post 9/11 does not offer the same option. The post 9/11 pays for a college degree from a college or university, but this benefit does not pay for vocational classes or apprenticeship training. It is important for members of the military and former members of the military to research the options available to them. Military friendly colleges are geared towards helping military families achieve their educational goals.

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