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Military Scholarships for America’s Heroes

Military Scholarships for America’s Heroes

Military Scholarships for America’s Heroes

Scholarships for active duty military personnel come from the creation of the GI Bill of 1944. The original law was created for soldiers returning from WWII. The government wanted to provide some benefits to these soldiers. Unfortunately, the soldiers that returned from WWI were not provided for properly. They came home to the U.S. and faced extreme opposition.

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The government recognized the tragedy in this, and created the GI Bill. The GI Bill provides military scholarships for soldiers. The law has been updated and changed over the years, so now; there are scholarships for active duty military members. Originally assistance was provided to veterans that had returned from the war. Also, the GI Bill was extended to include soldiers from all wars and soldiers that served during peacetime. This is very important in the life of a member of the military.


Military scholarships provide billions of dollars to our men and women in uniform.
A college education is rarely a waste of money. When a person invests in their personal learning and growth, it is very valuable. Employers value the college degree. A degree is the completion of a certain course of study. The degree states that you have mastered the concepts in this discipline.


Our world is changing so rapidly. Employers are scrambling trying to find employees that are highly skilled in engineering, math, science, information technology, and many other technical fields. Unfortunately, they are not able to find enough skilled people. Although the unemployment rate is still high in the U.S., there are many jobs that are still unfilled. These positions require employees with specific skills, so the opportunity is there to make a good living outside of the military. A college degree or vocational degree is basically mandatory in many cases.


College is not cheap. The main reason most people do not attend college is because of financial reasons. There are not many that can afford to pay for college out of their pockets. There are some grants and assistance available, but most students have to rely on student loans to finance their education. A person that has served in the military does not have to worry about this as much. The military encourages active duty soldiers to further their education. The Armed Forces understand that a more educated soldier is more prepared for peacetime and war time.

Many active duty soldiers obtain their degrees by completing an online degree. Online degrees are now accepted in the workforce. Employers know that these degrees are not necessarily inferior to a traditional degree.

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