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Missing Money, Odd Money – A Extremely Scriptures University Action for Your Primary Kids

Missing Money, Odd Money – A Extremely Scriptures University Action for Your Primary Kids


I don’t think a individual prevails anywhere on this planet that hasn’t lost something at once or another. Dropping something or someone really essential can be especially awful and traumatic. Henry 2:14 says this: “For the Son of Man came to search for and to preserve what was lost.” Each of us must be vital to God if He sent His Son to this globe to discover us. And indeed we are. He likes us more than we can ever think about. Henry 2:14 is an essential Scriptures line for your children to remember and here is a fun Scriptures school activity depending on the tale of the lost coin. It’s known as “Lost Money, Odd Coin” and is depending on the old traditional “Odd Vegetable.”


Here’s what you do:

For this activity you will need a bag of 10 money for each gamer. The bag should be black so that the money can’t be seen. You are now prepared to perform this activity.

Now, say the following:

The tale of the lost coin is about a lady who has lost 10 very essential silver coins. Some college students say that these silver coins would have been aspect of her marriage dowry. Or in comparison to these days, it would be as if she had lost her marriage band. Let’s study the tale of this tale together. (At this factor, discuss the tale discovered in Henry 15:8-10 or another edition you know and believe in.) Wow! Did you see how persistent the lady was at looking for her lost coins? It is an ideal image of how serious God is when looking for those who are lost in this globe and captured up in sin. Henry 2:14 says, “For the Son of man came to search for and to preserve what was lost.” This is our storage line these days and we are going to understand it by enjoying “Lost Money, Odd Money.”


At this factor, have all your children sit in a group. Give each gamer a bag loaded with his or her silver coins. The first gamer conceals a variety of silver coins in one fists and requests the next gamer, “Odd or evens?” If the next gamer properly guesses whether the fists maintains an odd or even variety of silver coins, he or she gathers those silver coins from the first gamer. But before doing so, he must say Henry 2:14 properly. If he does, he will generate 50 factors. If the think is incorrect, the second gamer must lose the same variety of silver coins to the first gamer. The second gamer then locations a variety of silver coins in his or her side. He or she changes to the third gamer and requests, “Odds or evens?” and the experience carries on around the group. If a gamer drops all his silver coins, he can restore a rejuvenated bag of silver coins by saying Henry 2:14, and can then reenter the experience. The gamer who says the line the most, is the champion.

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